All go at the opening event for Gonville School, Whanganui

There’s lots going on around cycling in Whanganui with their new Let’s Go project, so its really good to see the very first Bikes in School project up and running in the area.
Well done to the BOT, Principal and staff at Gonville School and everyone who has supported them along the way. This includes, Whanganui Community Foundation, Powerco Trust, Sport Whanganui,  Whanganui District Council, New Zealand Transport Agency, MOE, Citi Containers, St John’s Landscaping, Whanganui Police and Velo Ronny’s Bicycle store.
Like many other Bikes in Schools projects around the country, this will be very much a local community asset. Gonville principal Greg Elgar said that: “The great thing is that there are bikes in all sizes so families can come use the bikes to ride around the track together”.
Great to have the Mayor Hamish McDouall, Olympic cyclist Greg Anderson and other guests all riding around the wonderful new tracks with the students. The local pre-school also came along to test out the track!

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